What is the right way?

When asked on how to prolong erection many men won’t tell you a thing since many men do not really care until it’s too late. We appreciate that you are interested enough. There are many ways that will make your erection better and it will last longer. We have many products, that we offer for a good price and amazing quality, that can prolong the erection. Like Dapoxetine, that can delay premature ejaculation or even let you better control the time you ejaculate. Now these are the cheap and easy options, which are really cheap and affordable for everyone. However, if you are interested in some other methods, read further.

Longer and better

There are many exercises that you can do at home and that aim to strengthen your muscles in scrotum and penis to actually be able to HOLD the ejaculate long enough. There are many breathing exercises too that can help you with delaying the ejaculation and releasing some of that arousal. Now that partners “job” might be just too well done and it’s no shame to come a little early, since with our products you might be able to get your penis up in a minute again.

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